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The Radio City 30th Birthday Bash


Just as a matter of academic interest here are a couple of screen shots of the final mix of the birthday bash. Happy Birthday Radio City 30 years old.

The_Birthday_bash_final_mix 1 The_Birthday_bash_final_mix 2

The Birthday Bash, duration 16'40", - large file

A Birthday message from Paul Rowley

Well, it's taken six months to create so here is the Radio City 30th Birthday bash audio, the file contains audio that has never been heard since their day of transmission. The file also includes the Gerry Marsden M.B.E. 1974 News Intro. Included are Norman Thomas, Phil Easton, Mark Jones, Dave Lincoln, Gillian Reynolds M.B.E., Brian Cullen, Carolyn Brown, Ruby Williams, Michael Green, Roy Saatchi, Kieran Devaney, Tony Grant, Sue Davies, and those who are sadly no longer with us, Dave Eastwood, Joe Butler, Roger Blyth And Ron Davies.

On a personal level, I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to The Brian Jones Radio City Tribute Website. Everyone has moved on to other things but are still willing to share their thoughts on what is 30 years ago. Thank you all for your time. Brian Jones.

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