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News Jingles


The mainstay of any local radio station apart from music and speech content is it's news output, and to make a news bulletin stand out a Radio Station needs a viable set of news jingles. From October 1974 through to the mid eighties Radio City used the news jingle which was composed by Gerry Marsden M.B.E. and vocally realised by Madeleine Bell, a former vocalist with the 70's pop group Blue Mink. As soon as you heard that 'Top Of The Hour' jingle you knew that it was news time. Even though Radio City had new jingle packages in 1977 (Emison), 1979 (Sue Manning) and 1983 (Standard Sound) they still used the Gerry Marsden TOTH up to the mid to late eighties. The only difference with the various packages that City used up to the mid to late eighties was the news outro jingles, there is a selection of the news jingles on this page.

  1. 194 News Intro
  2. 194 News Intro-Alternative Rock Show Version
  3. News Outro 1
  4. News Outro 2
  5. News Outro 3
  6. News Outro 4
  7. News Outro 5
  8. News Outro 6
  9. News Outro 7
  10. News Outro 8
  11. News Outro 9
  12. News Outro 10
  13. Main News Bulletins Ramp
  14. Morning Report Intro-Iain Mann
  15. Morning Report Intro-Rachel Purnell
  16. Morning Report Intro-Debora Levy
  17. Morning Report Outro
  18. City At Six Ads Break 1
  19. City At Six Ads Break 2
  20. City At Six Intro 1
  21. City At Six Intro 2
  22. City At Six Outro
  23. First With News 24 Hrs A Day
  24. City at Six Beds-In the Clear
  25. 1974 News Outro
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