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  1. Like you don't know what, The Barbara Dickson "Answer Me" Jingle.
  2. Any Arthur Murphy folklore audio

Wirral Globe Adverts from 23-02-84

Radio_City_Schedule_1987_part 1

Radio_City_Schedule_1987_part 2

Radio_City_Schedule_1987_part 3

All of the above paper material donated by Richard Dodd, many thanks Richard.

Radio_City_Schedule_1987_part 4


Paul Rowley wins an award for "Outstanding Contribution" to BBC Local Radio in the annual Frank Gillard Awards..Also the BBC in-house magazine-Ariel says:-

"Outstanding contribution to BBC local radio awards went to Paul Rowley of the regional political unit and Margaret Hyde, managing editor of BBC Essex. Described as ‘king of the two-ways’, Rowley said, ‘I’m very lucky. I get up in the morning and talk to myself for three hours.’ Margaret Hyde was overwhelmed and surprised. Byford didn't’ mince his words, ‘We often talk about legends at the BBC. This is one.’

Photos courtesy of Mark Robertson and the BBC

Paul Rowley with Mark Byford, deputy director general of the BBC

Photo courtesy of Mark Robertson and the BBC


Mike Smith and his wife Charlie.

The Brian Jones Radio City Tribute Website would like to wish Mike Smith the very best of wishes. Mike was the house composer and vocalist for Sue Manning Jingles, and has composed jingles for Radio City (1979), Capital Radio (1982), Red Rose Radio (1982) and many other radio stations. Primarily though Mike was the keyboard player and lead vocalist for The Dave Clark Five. Our hopes are with you Mike.

Photo courtesy of Rob Bolton

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