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These are Jingles from the main packages in 1974, 1977,1979 and 1983, and also included are odds and sods, which includes The Dave Lincoln And Friends outtake and The Morning Report of the death of John Lennon. The other image is my audio restoration set-up. To get you started here is the Brian Jones Introduction Jingle.

1974 Jingles

  1. 194 is at your door
  2. 194 Radio City
  3. Cityyyyyyy-Linda Lewis
  4. It's a special City day
  5. News Intro
  6. News Intro-Rock Show alternative
  7. 194 Radio City
  8. City 194-Whisper
  9. Keeps you happy
  10. Traffic and Travel 1974
  11. Dave Lincoln's Phone-in bed

1977 Jingles-EMISON

  1. 194 Radio City-Aca
  2. 194/Downtown
  3. Also Sprach Zarathrustra (Never Aired)
  4. Roger Blyth City Extra On 194
  5. 194 Radio City-Medium Fast
  6. 194 Radio City-Aca
  7. Hold The Line Intro
  8. It's City Sounds On 194
  9. Boney M Jingle

1979 Jingles-Sue Manning

  1. Mrs Butler's Eldest
  2. Instrumental
  3. Playing 24 Hrs A Day
  4. Small Ensemble Instr.

1983 Jingles-Standard Sound

  1. Sunday request
  2. Soul City-KK
  3. Downtown
  4. Good Afternoon
  5. Mark Jones On Radio City


  1. 10th Anniversary Programming
  2. Dave Lincoln And Friends Outtake
  3. The Death Of John Lennon
  4. Swingle Jingle
  5. Peter Levy
  6. Mark Jones GCS
  7. Norman's Rainbow Cottage
  8. Phil Easton-Get It Right sweetheart
  9. Horoscopes Bed Incl Linda Lewis (Many thanks to Jim Barrington in Australia for this beauty)
  10. Scope of Dave Lincoln's City Extra Programme (Many thanks to David G Barras for sending me this)
  11. Johnny Jason Jingles (Don't ask, otherwise it's a plague of locusts to you)

Even more odds'n'sods

  1. Chris Jones-City of stars
  2. Mike Green Audio
  3. Smooth radio's tribute to Dave Lincoln's 30 years of broadcasting
  4. Richard Shops-incl the first ad on City with an update
  5. A City theme (Sue Glover vocal)
  6. The first jingle to be heard on Radio City
  7. Arlon Greene Jingle (FULL VERSION) Thanks to CJ
  8. Arlon Greene Jingle 2 Never Aired-guess why? Many thanks to Chris Jones for searching high and low for these superb rarities.
  9. Mike Green's outtake of City's 1st birthday Once again many thanks to CJ, and Mike for permission to use this audio.
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