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Alright, just when you think there aren't anymore jingles to upload, you find even more

Promotional Jingles

  1. Peter Beckett
  2. Imagination
  3. The Tempest
  4. Cool Notes
  5. The Pet Shop Boys
  6. Listen To Your Radio-City On 194
  7. DC Allstars-Bustin' Loose
  8. Radio City-96.7 in Stereo



  1. Give Me a C-I-T-Y
  2. Standard Sound Main Theme-Variation 1984/5
  3. Jon Jessop Soul City Rap
  4. Paul Leckie Rap
  5. The Peoples Poll With Johnny Kennedy
  6. "In-House" Standard Sound Mix-Outs
  7. 10th Anniversary News Item
  8. JK's Bride of The Week
  9. Sounds Of The 80's Now
  10. 96.7 Radio City Groove
  11. Give A Child A Chance Jingles


  1. Unigate Milkman
  2. Coldrex
  3. Parkgate Hotel-Jazz Nights
  4. Issy Crown
  5. Daily Express-Howard Hughes 1
  6. TSB Song (A Real Advertising Jingle)
  7. The Deerstalker Club-Peter Price v-o
  8. The 1987 Television And Radio Yearbook
  9. Maincrest Car And Vanhire-Sting
  10. This Is It-Lewis's
  11. D.O.H Health radio Campaign-AIDS.


  1. Give Blood Campaign
  2. My Home Town-Gerry Marsden
  3. Sweatshirt Promo
  4. Radio City Brings You All This

General And Quirky

  1. Oh Heck The Newsreaders Mic Isn't Working
  2. Some of you probably wonder how I get my jingles, well this is one technique-phone the DJ
  3. George The Computer Serenades Billy Butler
  4. The News with Ivor Godfrey-Davies


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