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Radio-City-Djs-SheetAfter the demise of Pirate radio in the 60's, then in the early 70's the winter of discontent and the three day week, the United Kingdom needed a feel good factor. There had been the introduction of 4 national BBC radio stations (1,2,3,4.) and BBC local radio in 1967, but that was not enough. There needed to be a local element to Radio, which the BBC had provided with BBC local Radio. The government of the day formed a regulatory authority to procure what would be Commercial Radio and that came in the guise of the Independent Broadcasting Authority which would oversee and regulate the introduction of Independent Local Radio.

Radio City (Sound of Merseyside Ltd) as it is, started broadcasting at 6am on the 21st October 1974 (Medium Wave only) and the FM service was initiated on 8th February 1975 (VHF). The medium wave transmitter is based in Rainford (1.2kW) and the VHF transmitter is based in Allerton Park (5kW). The first record to be played was Stevie Wonder's 'You are the Sunshine of my life'. The on-air team included:- Arthur Murphy, Dave Lincoln, Rob Jones, Roger Blyth, Bill Bingham  and Norman Thomas. 

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