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To start this section off here are some of the Instrumental beds which were used either by presenters as talk-over beds, or, as some of them are, beds to be used for programme's that ran short. Also included are the roadshow at the St. Helens show, jingles that were never aired from the 1977 EMISON package.

9 minute extravaganza of Instrumental beds

The intro sequence to your numbers up presented this time by Chris Jones

Gyn Freeman and Norman Thomas chat

EMISON 1977-The jingles never aired-Donated by Chalks, many thanks

Mark Joenz at the St Helen's show 1979 with Mooe Morgan (The Late Ray Kingsley), Mooe Morgan was a cohort of Scully

On-air transmitter test using test tones - Please beware these test tones can harm your hearing and your speakers at loud volume levels!!!!!!!!

Gerry Marsden interviewing Googi the Liverpool duck as part of the my hometown programme

Roger Blyth interviewing Graham Mcewan about his book on sea monsters

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