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The following is a personal record of events as I log, clean and digitise my audio tapes. The dates and time periods are as accurate as I can make them with things such as on-air date/time checks etc. If you have worked at Radio City and know for a fact a particular time/date of an event listed, please let me know and I will make the necessary adjustment to this diary. E&OE.

The first entry for Ron Goodwin in September 1976 was my first ever recording from Radio City, but the entry for October 1976 was my continuous attempt at recording over a ten year period of recording Radio City audio. This list will be added to at regular intervals, so please return to this page in the future.


  1. September: Ron Goodwin and his orchestra concert, presented by Michael Green
  2. October: Start to record jingles, commercials and presentation


  1. March 1st: EMISON jingles start to be used, and the Linda Lewis and Gerry Marsden jingles are phased out with the exception of the Gerry Marsden News Intro.
  2. April: More of the EMISON jingles are phased in including the 8" news outro.
  3. April: Keith Chegwin and Mike Flynn start, and early traffic and travel presenters on the breakfast show are Ivor Godfrey Davies and Paul Davis.


  1. A new programme, Saturday Night Out starts, early presenters are Chris Jones, Phil Easton and Dave Lincoln.
  2. Sept/Oct: A new presenter, Ian Kent and uses an intro jingle based on Star trek. Richard Keys starts presenting.
  3. October: A new Sunday evening programme presented by Roger Blyth starts and it's called Challenge, which is an inter-schools quiz.
  4. Nov: Swingle jingle starts. Billy Butler starts and has moved from BBC Radio Merseyside. Mark Jones becomes full-time presenter of SNO.
  5. Dec: The EMISON re-sing package is introduced. Johnny Jason is using his Acap from the EMISON Pennine package. The EMISON jingles are mixed with Motown and spector xmas records for the xmas period.


  1. Jan: Kevin Curtis starts. Stan Alexander sings the Liverpool bed centre jingle for the commercial. Beat the big head starts. You can buy souvenirs from the Radio City souvenir shops
  2. April/May: Kieran Devaney starts to present a programme called "It's Your Shout", a debate programme held in different pubs every week. City hits the road this summer jingle starts-sung by Stan Alexander. Ian Sandle is comprod manager.
  3. June: Darryl Jay starts presenting, he was originally working on the roadshow.
  4. Summer/Autumn: Simon Tate starts
  5. Oct: George the computer is introduced.
  6. Nov 13/14/15: The Sue Manning jingles start. News presenters incl: Ian Parkinson, Carolyn Brown, Ruby Williams, Deborah Levy, Moira Redmond. James Pringle is the main presenter of the re-vamped arts programme 'Weekend'.


  1. Jan: Presenters start to use the EMISON 18" news jingle. The Post Office and Radio City introduce newsline on 169. A local community programme programme called 'Connection' starts. Richard Jardine starts.
  2. March: It's 'Bluey' week with Billy Butler. Sunday requests presented by Joe Butler is already going.
  3. April: New news outro featuring Dave Eastwood starts, using the Home from the house sting from the '79 Sue Manning package. Howard Hughes starts reading the news bulletins. Home from the house starts presented by Roger Wilkes and uses the Home from the house instr bed from the '79 Sue Manning package.
  4. June/July: Kevin Curtis starts to use his name check acap. New Dave Eastwood and City's top 30 acaps starts to be used. Keiran Devaney starts on City at Six. Rhyl Sun Centre starts-voiced by Dave Eastwood.
  5. July: Playing in the summer with City jingles are used from the '79 Sue Manning package. The Radio City Civic pride trophy is introduced. Rob Jones voices some commercials (He's at Luxembourg at this stage).
  6. July/Aug: Norman Thomas starts to use his '79 name check acap from Sue Manning. Summer 1980 Norm/Peter Levy does the slot which would normally be Heads or tails slot. Summer 1980 as part of the Saturday Sports Spectacular, it has a spot called 'I know that voice' the jingle is performed by Mike Green. Summer 1980 Dave Lincoln starts to use his Dave Lincoln and friends acap.
  7. Aug: Billy Butler starts to use the Trading post jingle from the '79 Sue Manning jingle package.
  8. Aug/Sept: Miss Radio City promo is broadcast for the event on the 21st October 1980
  9. Sept: Rob Mcgloughlin starts to read the news
  10. Sept/Oct: Claire Shepherd joins Dave Lincoln and Friends
  11. Dec: The death of John Lennon announced. Xmas day Rachel Purnell was doing the daytime news reading, Rob Mcgloughlin was doing continuity between the pre-recorded programmes. 25/26 Brian Smart starts doing programmes.


  1. June: The Good afternoon from City Acap is being used. The Simon T acap is used.
  2. June/July: Wadham-Stringer Ford World ad starts.
  3. July/Aug: Father Graham Kidd is presenting 'A word of praise'.
  4. Aug: Kevin Curtis starts doing downtown.
  5. Sept/Oct: Sue Peacock is already presenting 'Weekend'. Alan Walsh and Shirley Wingfield are already reading the news.
  6. Sept/Oct/Nov: Kevin Curtis leaves City
  7. Nov/Dec: Iain Mann's first promo
  8. Dec: Curly Music start advertising. On Xmas day Mark Mcdonald starts to read the news.


  1. Jan: On the 1st Tony Grey starts his incredible oldies show and plays Caroline by The Fortunes. Joint promo by the "new boys" Tony Grey and Tony Newman. Dave Lincoln has left for Pennine Radio. Tony Newman starts City Sounds. Iain Mann starts reading the news. New presenters start, they include:-Tony Grey, Tony Newman, Kev Keatings and John Pierce. John Pierce takes over City Extra and Kev Keatings and Co takes over from Dave Lincoln and friends. On 'A word of praise' Caroline Tooby does the interviews and Bob Oldfield does the what's on's.
  2. Easter: Radio City had a top-up and re-sing package from Sue Manning jingles which included Acaps for Tony Newman, Kev Keatings (Which included a re-sing of Dave Lincoln and friends to Kev Keatings and Co),Paul Jordan (which included a re-sing of Downtown with Johnny Jason to Downtown with Paul Jordan). the original '79 package had also been processed and sounded different across the full mixes. Working in the newsroom are Hugh Lamont and Debra Princelaar.
  3. March: Dave Eastwood takes over Saturday Night Out and re-titles it Saturday Night Out Disco (SNOD) with new competitions such as chart champions. Mark Jones starts a new City drive time programme called Hit The Road between 16.00-18.00. The tag line "Your friendly local" is being used. a youth programme called "All Right Ace" is introduced and presented by father Graham Kidd.
  4. April/May: Tony Grey is presenting Nightowl and has his own acap from the Sue Manning top-up package.
  5. Summer: Summertime City starts and uses the Mike Batt song of the same name, this programme replaces the Saturday Sports Spectacular for the summer months, one of the contributors is Jim Eccleston who allows you to ask a question and you see if you can beat him. The Evening report news programmes change format. Heads or tails takes a summer break to be replaced with Norm on Sunday with MOR music and guest interviews. Rupert Segar starts to read the news
  6. Nov: Billy Butler leaves to go back to BBC Radio Merseyside
  7. Nov/Dec: A new programme starts called Swing Easy presented by Peter Bevan. Another new programme is Sounding out presented by Phil Easton, it's a what's on cum interview programme. Soul City moves to Monday nights but is still presented by KK.
  8. Dec: The KPM production library xmas beds are used for the first time.


  1. Jan: Changes are made to daytime programming.
  2. March: On the 26th (Saturday-the same day as the milk cup final between Liverpool and Manchester United) the Standard Sound jingle package is introduced, my first recording of them is on the saturday breakfast show with Mark Jones.
  3. May/June: Ben Brown and Caroline Finnegan start reading the news bulletins. Nicky Brown starts his programmes.
  4. August: Peter Robinson is presenting Jazzamatazz.
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