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My radio listening habits go back to the days of radio stations like, the Home Service, Radio Caroline North (and the north part is very important to me), and Radio Luxembourg, later my listening habits would evolve to Radio City, Radios 1,2+4, Piccadilly Radio, Red Rose Radio and many others. These stations would set me on the road to an inexhaustible love for music, off-air recording and record collecting.

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The Late Daffy Don Allen

It was the late Don Allen who really got my radio juices flowing, and he is my radio hero. Don used to broadcast on Radio Caroline North just off the Isle of Man, between the years 1964 -1967.

Here is Brian, interviewed by Kathy Barham, author of the book '194 Radio City - The Heart of Liverpool', talking about his love for radio.

What you've said about The Brian Jones Radio City Tribute Website:-

Barry David ex jock and station voice said:-
"How good the 1974 city jingles sound,
Good luck with the site, it was nice to go back to a true local station."

Jim Barrington, Australia:-
You will never know how much joy your page has brought to me
I am from Liverpool and left in 1978.
Radio city was everything to me as a 16 - 18 year old."

Si Kennedy, Upholland, Lancs
I have to say what a brilliant site!!!
A site dedicated to the station I listened to on my Binatone Clockradio back
in the seventies - I couldn't believe my luck!
I tell you the memories just come flooding back listening to those jingles..
Cracking site mate, keep up the good work!!"

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