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Brian Cullen

Brian popped over to see me in August 2010, and after a great discussion about radio in general and OUR hero, the late, great Daffy Don Allen who Brian managed to meet and interview (lucky**!***!**^%***) we got down to some serious tape transferring and photo taking.

Brian started at Radio City in March 1976 and left in April 1979 (before the new Sue Manning jingle package started in November 1979). Brian worked for a P.R. company and then got back into radio with Marcher Sound and stayed there for 15 years. Brian then moved onto KCR for 4 years. Brian is now a media consultant at Yale college in Wrecsam and is still broadcasting at Radio Maldwyn-the magic 756.

The audio below is the result of our mass recording session, the tapes are over 30 years old and so will suffer with drop outs and other artifacts so please bear that in mind when you listen to them.

Jingles - All of these jingles are taken off the studio carts and there are some gems.
Nightowl - This is a cassette recording of Brian doing nightowl in 1976.
Arthur Murphy record- This is Arthur's single release, 'That Lucky Old Sun'.

Studio Close up of the carts
Above - Brian in the studio
Watch out for the ad carts rack Brian,
it fell on Dave Eastwood once
Brian and THE nightowl

Many thanks to Brian for supplying everything for his memory page, they are now digitised and therefore saved from deterioration.

Just as a matter of academic interest when I was transferring some tapes (not Brian Cullen's I hasten to add) this is the worst case of tape shredding that I have ever seen. In fact it was not tape shredding but tape de-lamination. You can see on the first photo at the record head the right hand side of the tape has the matt backing and to the left the matt backing has disappeared. The tape shreds flew off everywhere.

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